What was that title ?

Couverture Manquante
Menhirs of Er Grah
02 - Mourning Dove
Couverture Manquante
Studbaker´s Blacksmith Shop
03 - Type of Guy

Batard Tronique
Hamster Pogo

Sascha Müller
Listen To My Inner Voice
Couverture Manquante
Band Rat's Later Life

Make Some Noise est une Webradio programmée par NoRecords.org qui diffuse uniquement de la musique en Creative Common, entre breakcore, punk, noise, glitch, industriel et autres sons bizarres dans l'esprit Do it Yourself.
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Make Some Noise is a webradio performed by NoRecords.org which only broadcast copyleft materials between breakcore, punk, noise, glitch, industrial and other disturbed sounds in DIY spirit.
If you want to share your production, please get in touch at contact

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