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radio_at_norecords_dot_org <Manager – Share your production with us, airplay, etc..>

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15 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing because this is the greatest station on the WWW!

  2. Hi from Australia!
    My team and I represent some of the finest unsigned artists in our country and are interested in working with your station and providing your listeners with some epic rock tunes from the land down under! I have attached links to three songs by the band MANTRA, have a listen and if you like what you hear i’d love to discuss getting them radio play with your station.

  3. Salut les gars bien?
    Je vous contacte, directement ici au Brésil, pour annoncer la nouvelle version de mon projet musical Dogma.
    C’est le troisième EP que j’ai sorti, record de la première présentation en direct que j’ai faite de ce projet musical.

    Lucas Santos
    +55 21 995505829

  4. I am the vocalist for an American industrial band called Domestic Terror Unit. I was wondering how we go about sending our first single to you guys. would really love for you guys to check it out.

  5. hey dudes. listening since 7 or 8 years your radio.
    can u reactivate the irc chat on your page? would be nice to come in contact again. or to meet other persons who are listening to your radio


  6. It a joy to come across a web radio station like this – varied and unanticipatable. I have produced lots of music over many years and some of it would fit your playlists admirably. Check out the tracks (especially towards the bottom of the page) at and feel free to download whatever you like to play on here.

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